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10 Things to Know Before Delivery

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

I reached out to local moms here in Orange County who recently delivered and I asked them " What advice would you give a mom before she gives birth?"

Read below and see what they had to say!

1. Know your options.. it’s ok to have a birthing plan and it’s ok to ask for what you want. Many first time moms just do what the nurses say without any question, but by having a birth plan it allows the nurses to know what you what want and allows you to have a voice in how you would like your birth to go. It is important to know that it may not go exactly as you planned, but know your options. It’s ok to verbally say what you want.

2. Don’t hesitate to ask for any kind of help and support from friends, family, doctors & hospital resources. Ask, Ask, Ask..lots! When you are at the hospital, you have resources right at your fingertips. One of the resources that I took advantage of the most, was the lactation consultant. She helped with my anxiety of how to hold the baby and ways that I can make sure to get him to latch.

3. You've got take this new chapter one day at a time! Don’t forget to about self care & take a break! Don’t hold yourself to anyone else’s standards, do what’s best for you & baby.

4. Have the Kleenexes ready!!! Your hormones will go crazy after birth and you are likely to cry at anything and everything for the first week (or month, like me) after giving birth. I found that even if I wasn't much of a cryer before having the baby, I couldn't control those floodworks after the baby was born.-This is where having a support system is so important. Have a friend or two that you know you can call and talk to.

5. The ability to breastfeed does not define you as a mother. This is such an important one because every mom is built differently and the #1 priority is to have a healthy baby. You can prepare all you want for breastfeeding but sometimes it doesn’t come naturally. This goes back to #2, don't be afraid to ask for help and support. ....

-BONUS TIP from a local mom-

" I wish I knew about nipple shields before birth. My baby had a very difficult time latching. I went home with a baby unable to latch properly so it was miserable for us both. I had a friend recommend trying a nipple shield and it was like magic! Baby latched instantly! If I had known about it before it would’ve saved me lots of tears." (maybe a good thing to pack in your hospital bag)

****and if you find that you are unable to breastfeed and feed your baby formula, you are doing what is best for him and there is no reason that you need to feel bad!!!***

6. Be flexible! You go in hoping to have a certain type of birth and then the birth plan changes. It is good to know that even with a plan in place, so many things can happen, so many scenarios are possible. Educate yourself, Be open minded. Nurses, Midwifes, and Doctors are there to help you have a healthy and safe delivery. You can be flexible and knowledgeable at the same time.

7. What to Expect After Baby! I am sure you have ready or Googled What to Expect when you're expecting. Don't find yourself so wrapped up in what you need to know while you're pregnant. Take some time and start reading and learning about what to expect after you deliver your baby. How often should she sleep, for how long, how much do u hope they eat, etc.

8. Join a Mommy and Me group-There are many groups available in Orange County. I truly believe in finding your tribe! As a new mommy, you will want to find other new moms that in the same boat as you. Having other women to support you is HUGE!! Check out Orange County Moms Blog and MOHM for event and resources.

9. Prep several freezer meals that can be dropped in crockpot every morning or easily microwaved for dinner. This is such a lifesaver as a new parent. If you don’t mind having visitors you can also set up a meal train. Click here for more information.

10. Hire a birth and newborn photographer: Hello Mama!! I’d love for you to contact me and let’s start talking details. Click here to chat! If my style is not what you are looking for though there are a lot of other great photographers in the area, so start looking to ensure a spot on their calendar as most only take a few births a month and newborns no older than 2 weeks.

I really hope this helps and gives your some ideas of things to think about as you plan for your baby!! Feel free to share or comment below with any other TOP TIPS you have!

Virtual hug from one mom to another,



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