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Baby Sire's Arrival during a planned C-Section | Bug & Roo Photography | OC Birth Photographer

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

That moment that you find out you are pregnant is emotional, overwhelming, and a moment that you will never forget. Stephen and Shavonne married in May of 2018 and knew that some day they wanted to start a family...though after hearing comments about starting a family later in their life, they were worried that it would take a while to get pregnant. To their surprise, they were blessed to get pregnant right away! Just 9 months later, baby Sire was born and made their family of two become a family of three.

baby looking out the window at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach | Bug and Roo Photography | Fresh 48 Photographer | Orange County

After a Placental Abruption, Shavonne was forced to stay on bed rest until she delivered. The #1 goal was to carry this baby to full term and have a healthy baby. Each week consisted of doctor appointments and check ups as they prepared for her scheduled C-section. With Clouds and rain in the sky, the day was here. All the bags were packed in the car and they made their way to the hospital to meet their little boy.

"I felt prepared for the C-section only because I had a myomectomy in 2017 and I knew what the recovery would be like for a similar surgery/incision. The operating room was small and all of the staff went above and beyond to make me feel very comfortable. My OB that delivered my baby has been my OB for about 13 years so I was very comfortable knowing that she was there with me. I couldn't feel any pain, only the pushing when they were trying to get Sire pushed down to my pelvic area. The staff held a mirror up for me so that I could see when Sire came into the world, it was pretty awesome."

Shavonne loves to celebrate with the ones that are closest to her, so of course his debut was a huge celebration with the entire family in the waiting room, while Stephen stood by her side during the entire surgery. Together they got they got to hear Sire's first cry and experience the miracle of their little baby boy.

Family looking at newborn baby after birth at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach | Bug and Roo Photography | Cesarian Birth Photography | Orange County

Shavonne remembers her favorite moment being when the the anesthesiologist played Pandora for her and a few of her favorite songs came on while the doctors were working on the C-section delivery. Right when Sire made his entrance into the world, her latest favorite song from Chris Brown was playing, UNDECIDED! It was such a cool moment because it's a song that she loves to listen to.

When asked, What was the first thing you said when you saw your baby for the first time? What were your feelings as you held your baby for the first time?

She said, "Awww he is so little. I thought, OMG!!! A real little human that my husband and I made. He is finally here! When I held him, I was just so afraid of hurting him because he was so small and I was shaking a lot but my husband was right there by my side to help me."

That moment that you think "We made it!" After many bumps in the road, their healthy baby boy was here. "Holding Sire in my arms for the first time and having my husband right by my side, it was the first time for all of us to be together as a family."

"I learned that I can love on a whole new level and I am enjoying every bit of being a Mommy!"

Baby crying after c-section at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach | Bug and Roo Photography | Cesarian Birth Photography | Orange County

Congratulations Turner Family! I feel so honored that I had the privilege of capturing this very special moment in your family's life.


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