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Brooke | Fresh 48 Hospital Newborn Session | Kaiser Irvine Hospital | Newborn Photographer Kathleen

Ready or not...here I come. Life was was little slower after the birth of sweet baby Brooke. Her mom and big sisters were battling the flu and were laying low to heal when Brooke decided to make her debut. Mask on, they were all thrilled to meet this bundle of joy.


You are absolutely perfect. Your sweet little toes that curled when you have your blanket off. The soft fluff of hair that peeked under your headband. The deep wrinkles on your feet. The smirk on your face when you hear the sound of mother's voice. Your two older sisters that just couldn't wait to meet you and took every moment to watch you sleep. Following every move your parents made, they smiled knowing their baby sister was here. You sure did bring so much joy to your family and continue to grow into a beautiful little girl.

My favorite part was watching your family surround you with love and care.

The excitement on your sister's faces when they first lay eyes on you pulled on my heart string and I knew from that moment that they were going be the best big sisters you could ever have. Look how your parents wrap their hands around you and never want to let go. How your sister peeks on you, making sure you are content. It is so hard to take only a few photos. This is why we ended up with so many, here's just a highlight from your Fresh 48 session.

Welcome home Brooke!!! Born March 11, 2019

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