• Kathleen gregory

Connection Through Breastfeeding

As I sit here, I am in denial that my oldest son is turning 15 in just a few days!!! I remember the day he was born and the very first thing I wanted to do after he was given to me, was to try and breastfeed him. Leading up to that day I felt my body get ready for this moment and it was here. He was placed on my chest, and the connection between us the moment he started nursing was like a firework show of emotions. There were tears and smiles I saw this little baby have the instinct to know what to do and trusting that I will give him all that he needed. MY BODY WAS FEEDING THIS LITTLE BOY!!

The connection between us as the days went by got stronger and stronger every time he breastfed. He would nurse when he was hungry, when he was sad, when he was mad, when he would wake up in the middle of the night and just need comfort to fall back asleep. I was his safe haven and when I breastfed him, I felt the closest to him

Have you ever had that moment when your baby is so upset and the only thing that helped them, was when you nursed and comforted them through this wonderful connection?

Breastfeeding is comfort.

Breastfeeding is normal.

Breastfeeding is connection.

Breastfeeding is love.

Breastfeeding is commitment.

Whether you breastfeed for a day or a year (or even longer)…. you make a difference.

I personally know the struggle of not being able to produce enough and having to supplement. As mothers, we do our best for our children and I applaud you for all that you do.

I'd love for you to comment with a picture of you nursing/feeding your baby!

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