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Is a mini session or a Full Session best for me?

Mini session are something that I offer sparingly through out the year and my spots are very limited. I typically only book 2-3 mini session per year. Mini sessions and custom sessions both have their advantages!

Here is what to expect from both kinds of sessions...

Mini Sessions:

  • lower price

  • photographer chooses location

  • limited times & dates available

  • convenient way to get quick, updated family photos

  • shorter shooting time (which can be a good thing for small babies!)

  • 20 image gallery to choose from at the ordering appointment

A mini session is perfect for you if …

— your kiddos are a little older

— you mainly want the “looking a smiling” photo(s).

— you’re mostly concerned with price, but still want great quality photos

— you’ve had professional photos this year

Custom Sessions:

  • higher priced

  • 100% customized for your family & your vision for the session

  • you choose the location

  • you choose the date & time

  • full 60-90 minutes and can include outfit changes

  • 30-40+ image gallery to choose from at the ordering appointment

A custom session is perfect for you if … 

— your kiddos need some time to warm up to the idea of having their photo taken.

— you want to change outfits

— you have a specific location in mind

— you love candid/unposed images

— you prefer to pay a little more to have exactly what you want

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