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OC Birth Photography Fall Special

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Think of a special time in your life...

Just like your wedding day, your baby’s birth will come and go in an instant. How will you remember all the emotion and details of the day?

After delivering 4 babies, I know what giving birth is like and I know it's not easy remembering the tiny details. Oh how I wish I could turn back time and had those little moments recorded.

Things I wish had been captured at my births:

  • My facial expression as I met each of them

  • My husband's look of joy and wonder when he cut the umbilical cord

  • My son meeting his little brother for the first time

  • My first time nursing.

All of those and more are hard to recall as time dims the memory.

Now, as a birth photographer, I can capture those moments and more as they happen:

  • Mom showing amazing strength as she takes on every contraction

  • Dad stroking Mom's skin during a break between contractions

  • Their first glimpse of baby

  • Mom and baby bonding during the first feeding

  • Dad looking at Mom with complete adoration and love 

  • Mom and Dad proudly holding their tiny miracle.

"Kathleen, Thank you so much for documenting these moments! The pictures are great. You made my experience amazing. We are grateful that you were in the room with us. Your presence was very calming for us throughout the labor process, and your procedures were very professional. I will make sure to recommend your services to any expecting couple I know. Thanks again!"

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What do you get in a model call?

  • I will be on call 24/7 for you after 38 weeks till delivery. 2 am and baby is coming, I will be there!


  • I will be there the whole time. Beginning to 1-2 hours after birth. If I'm not in the room, I'll be in the waiting room! 


  • You will get professionally edited photographs.


  • You will get one FREE 8x10 Image of your favorite photo

To Qualify- You Must:

  • Be having a baby within 25 miles of Costa Mesa, CA.  

  • Your due date is October 1 -December 1 2018

  • You are willing to sign a model release (all photos used for promotional material will be approved by you before their public use)

So what's the special discount? It's a one-time offer of 50% off! 

Accepting applications September 21-30, 2018



My birth packages start at $1,498 but only *5* applicants will pay only $749.

❣ This includes the on call time from 38 weeks to birth, 24/7 coverage of the birth to 1-2 hours after birth.

❣ Edited Images in Private Online Gallery for download

❣ Free 8x10 of favorite Photograph

"Kathleen is such an amazing and talented birth photographer. She was with me for ten hours and captured my whole birth experience. It was beautiful and we were able to enjoy the moment and not have to worry about taking pictures because Kathleen was there. Normally I would not be comfortable with others in the delivery room, but Kathleen was like a fly on the wall."

Click APPLY NOW!  You don't want to be kicking yourself if you forget and miss out!

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