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Solomon's Unmedicated VBAC Birth | Orange County | Bug & Roo Photography- Birth Photographer

Baby Solomon's birth was exactly the way it was meant to be. His journey didn't start the way that his mom was hoping for, but it sure did end with a story that will be told for years.

His birth came after his 3 older siblings. His Mom and Dad started their family with an induced labor and then made the decision to have their second child at home. Her mother said that it was an experience that she wanted to have with each child following that birth. During her third pregnancy, a turn of event planted her in an ambulance that forced her to have an emergency c-section which would make it difficult for her to be able to have a home birth the way she hoped for with Solomon, but she got the delivery she deserved.

After over 24 hours of birth waves and fireworks lighting up the sky on the fourth of July, Andrea prepared her body to give birth to her beautiful baby boy. Andrea had taken a hypnobabies class and hired a hypno doula to assist her through the transition. She felt prepared and ready for this journey.

"I learned to use my mind to limit my level of pain."

This mind set helped her through each birth wave "contraction" leading to the delivery of Solomon.

Her doula was worth her weight in gold. She helped Andrea use her hypnosis through each birthwave. She performed ancient birth techniques to help the birth move along. I remember Andrea reminding herself during the entire delivery

"We are going to get through this birthing time as peaceful as possible, and I am going to birth this baby into his dad’s arms."

And that is exactly how it happened. JUST HOW SHE WANTED IT!!!

With no nurse or doctor in sight, Little Solomon came earth side all on his own with his Daddy catching him (with a neck pillow on) and her doula by her side. It was peaceful and a great beginning to a wonderful life for this little guy.

" I was so proud of myself for creating him and birthing him in a natural and peaceful environment."

Congratulations Andrea and Armond!

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