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Top 8 MUST HAVE photos from your Birth

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Have you ever heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Capturing your birth with photographs is such a must because that day is a blur and as time passes by, the little details will unfortunately be forgotten. Whether you hire a birth photographer or take pictures with your cell phone, make a point to capture these details...

Your 8 MUST HAVE photos for births are...

#1: Labor

For the last 9 months you have been studying, learning, and maybe even taking classes on how to prepare yourself on how to get through labor. This is the time where you are working very hard to bring that baby of yours into this world. Each contraction is bringing your closer to meeting him/her. Whether your laboring naturally or with an epidural, your body is working so hard and you will have these last moments to remember before your baby arrives.

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#2: The details around you

This may sound silly, but each detail is important to the story. I love photographing the little things that may not be remembered after you leave the hospital. The baby heart monitor, the clock on the wall, pictures in the delivery room or your home for a home birth. You will want to remember the nurses that helped you, so think about snapping a picture of the board with their name and your baby's name along with the signs leading up to the room.

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#3: The first time you see your baby

This is my all time favorite moment to capture!!!! The "I did it!!" moment and when you first see your baby. You have worked so hard for this moment and it's finally here. All the morning sickness, sleepless nights, belly getting bigger, not being able shave your legs toward the end (my biggest frustration toward the end HA!), numerous doctor appointment, setting up the baby's nursery...This is little bundle of miracle is finally in your arms and it makes it all worth it!

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#4: Dad holding baby and cutting the cord

He has been there to support you. He has made middle of the night trips for ice cream and french fries because you had a craving and you wouldn't stop asking because it just sounded so good. These pictures capture that raw emotion of dad when they hold their baby for the first time and cutting the cord.

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#5: Baby Measurements and footprints

The very first question you are going to get asked when you have your baby is, "how big was your baby?" Seize the moment when he is getting all his/her measurements. The nurse measuring the head, body length, weight, and of course the cute little footprints.

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#6: Details of baby's first hours

This time is so precious... you want to make sure to snap lots of pictures of their tiny little fingers, toes, ears, and of course the funny faces they make when they are first born. They are in a big new world and they will only stay this tiny for such a short amount of time and you will quickly forget how tiny he was.

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#7: Older siblings meeting the baby

Other than the first time mom and dad see the baby, this is another one of my favorite shots to capture. Getting pictures of the older siblings when they first see their little baby brother or sister is absolutely priceless. It can't get any better than that.

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#8: Grandparents meeting the baby

Cue the tears! Be ready to have the camera ready when the grandparents come in, this has been a moment they have been waiting for. Their baby just had a baby.

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There you go! These would be my TOP 8 pictures to capture for the birth of your baby!

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